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Patricia welcomes you to her den of madness.

October 28th is a great day to feel alive. And what better way to do that than with a nice pair to eat the world? Because it's going to take a lot of panache to stand on our own two feet and stand up to the ever-more anxious news. However, don't panic, to reduce your anxiety by a factor of 8 to the power of 4, all you have to do is turn off your TV, turn off the radio, stop opening Le Parisien, Le Huff or anything else fed by AFP, and don't accept the free papers in the subway, written by Satan's minions...

I'm digressing, but don't hold it against me, I didn't sleep well, as happens to a lot of good people, and I'm not complaining, but all my senses are sharp and my mind is as sharp as a mandolin. Once you've turned off that faucet of bad vibes, all that's left is to let another one in, a mix of music, cinematic images and those on my site. Lie down and get a massage from whoever you have on hand, or go to the cinema to see the film with Garrel Jr.

They say it's good, and it doesn't have Pierre Niney in it. You can also make yourself food, cakes, and thus control the volume of sugar you want to incorporate. Do what you like as long as you enjoy yourself and you know, or not, but enjoyment comes through your feet before spreading through your body, that volcano we thought was too old. For my part, all that remains is to wish you a wonderful evening and weekend in the colors of the rainbow, which is also the color of my blood.

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