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Patricia Queen of Sheba.

I might as well tell you straight away. There are 74 days left until the end of the year. That's 74 reasons to celebrate 2022. There are plenty of reasons to wish for a speedy end to the year, but let's focus on the positive, even if it looks like it's going to slip through our fingers like a squirt from a soap dispenser.

Alone, I'd tell you to go and see Louis Garrel's film, to go to Lapland in search of Susan, or to start playing the drums. But really, I think the best thing for you to do is to take a break. Sink into your chair, take a deep breath, focus on a point, then close your eyes and concentrate on breathing out. After 10 breathing movements, you can visualize a computer screen. You open a browser, gently and calmly.

The page is blank, but there's no need to panic. Control your breathing and type Patricia Blanchet in the search bar. You'll come across a whole host of models, each one crazier than the next (say that in a quebec accent). This transcenblanchet meditation exercise is essential if you want to end the year on a high note.

Most importantly, it allows you to buy whatever is on your mind without having to pay a single penny. See how much I love you for offering to let you have fun in this meditative metaverse where only your desires count.

I know, I've told you about it more than once since the start of the new school year and it's not over yet. But I can't let you leave without a word about it. It's Bernice Bobs her Hair, an endearing and superbly written pop song. As usual, the artist shows off his love of literature. In this case it's F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose title he uses in its entirety, and the result is this:

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