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Patricia puts you on the starting blocks to happiness.

So, even though my birthday is fast approaching and I'm still deciding which bridge to bungee jump from to celebrate it, I wanted to keep my feet on the ground and continue to roll out the red carpet of the most exquisite shoes ever seen since the big bang. I'm often told that I'm the most renowned entertainer in the shoe world, and sometimes even beyond. That I break boundaries and when I do, I'm more enjoyable, more mesmerising than any Broadway musical, any film about Vietnam or the making of Nuoc-Mâm. In short: Patricia & Chill.

Next to me, not far behind, on the step of the second throne all the same, is Nintendo, which is celebrating the anniversary of its creation. 133 years ago, Nintendo was born, producing playing cards called Hanafuda. The 70s called for diversification, and the Japanese company jumped into video games with both feet. First by producing arcade terminals, before realising that the home gaming market would be the economy of the future.
Nintendo are the people responsible for my addiction to moustachioed plumbers with screeching voices who leap over turtles and over the void to rescue a princess held by Donkey Kong. How much time and money has been invested in their successive consoles, their games remastered for each new generation? I don't know, and I don't want to have the fun of tallying up expenses only to realise that instead I could have bought myself Le Bon Marché and part of the Left Bank.
Despite everything, I have no regrets, and I invite anyone who has never played the game to pick up a Switch and insert Zelda - Breath of The Wild to see for themselves just how poetic the game is, on par with Miyazaki's films. But if you'd rather take Patricia in hand and read my story, published by Seuil last year, you're free to feast your eyes in another way. My love to you.

Because you've earned the right to shimmy your hips:

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