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Patricia, wellness dealer.

As you may have guessed, tomorrow, Wednesday 9th, Children's Day, God of War Ragnarok arrives on Japanese consoles, exactly 4 years after the release of the licence reboot. Naturally, you're wondering what a girl as majestic as me is doing with a controller in her freshly Frenchmanucured hands? That's an excellent question, and I'll answer it straightforwardly. Yes, sometimes I do want to be this big, bald, bearded man with an axe, moving through a hostile world populated by wild, oversized beasts, accompanied by his teenage son in the throes of self-doubt.

I've always found it exhilarating to become someone else, especially if that someone else is the opposite of who you are. It's a total and amazing experience. Far removed from shoes, their design, manufacture and marketing. Although, perhaps there are more obvious points of comparison than I would like to see. Creating your own brand, going through all the difficulties that entails, is like the journey of Kratos, who has to take on demigods or two-headed monsters along the way. Before Patricia became a reality, there were first of all a number of setbacks linked to scams that we fell victim to, and then we were let go and lynched. Each time, it was a blessing in disguise. But when you've got your head in the game, it's like a kick up the backside.

And I might as well tell you that I have a butt made of titanium. So when I've got a controller in my hands, somehow I get my revenge and I always triumph over evil by making it bite the dust. Except that these days I've given up my addiction to gaming to concentrate on total contemplation. It's cheaper and I can easily connect with a tree, a flower, a bench, a jug of water or even a little butter. Whatever I see, I can connect with it frantically and greedily to draw its energy from it, to redistribute it to my loved ones in the form of total ecstasy. Bring me a coffee pot, a pair of slippers and a Chihuahua, and I'll take the best of it and sprinkle it on anyone who crosses my path. That's how it is, I'm a 'distributor' of love.

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