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Patricia will shower you with chubby kisses.

Today is the armistice of the Great War. So I suggest you make your peace by coating yourself in honey while you wait for your evil bear to come and lick you clean. I also hope that yesterday's strike didn't have too much of an impact on your morale or your faith in mankind. I also hope that you were able to take the day off work to go to a museum, do some sport at the cinema before they close for good, or visit a sex temple.

Whatever you did, I hope you had a good time without spending too much.

As for me, I've worked like crazy to bring you the quintessential DNA of elegance in a shoe that's essential for the fighter in you. The one who's eaten a lion but behaves like a grasshopper from the Pas-de-Calais. Of course you have the right to do so, and I will always respect those who are comfortable in their shoes. Just know that in Patricia, you'll be in line with yourself, a fighter for a golden era.

It's good to feel a bit of unhealthy melancholy:

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