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Since life doesn't change and we're stuck with the extreme center for another 5 years, I suggest you start a revolution with your feet.

That means color of course, glitter of course, and a healthy dose of self-confidence delivered by our beacons in the night.

Because that's exactly what the girls need today: a guide, a halogen in the night to lead them out of the Macron catacombs. So, obviously, anything but Marine.

But even so, for the next 60 months you'll need to put on a pair of mischievous shoes so that you're ready to face the happiness that's knocking at your door right now.
As an aside, I'd like to draw your attention to a Marvel release that's a bit unusual in that it's directed by Sam Raimi. So I'm not encouraging you to see it, but rather to discover or rediscover his films such as A Simple Plan, Evil Dead 1, 2 and 3, or The Hudsucker Proxy, which he co-wrote with the Coens. When it comes to natural antidepressants, there's nothing better.

Besides that, you should know that on April 26, Claudine Auger was born. The first French James Bond Girl. We don't really care about that. But she did play the lead role in a pivotal Italian film directed by a master of on-screen murder, Mario Bava. The film is Ecologia del delitto. It dates from 1971, and many agree that it is the ancestor of slasher movies. A basic film, to be seen with a glass of daiquiri in hand.
And did you know that Landru patented a motorized bicycle long before embarking on his murder spree?

This old hit is always good for the ears:

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