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Today is March 15 and my exploration of the superb, of pleasure, of enjoyment, remains as vigorous as ever. It's obviously out of the question for me to give up just a few days before spring.

On the contrary, I'm going to step up my approach by offering you ever crazier designs and ever brighter colours to make your eyes twinkle.

Choose from our sneakers, boots in bright colours and open-toe pumps to put you in the starking-blocks for sunny days.
Other than that, what else happened on March 15th that was more important than a Patricia Blanchet newsletter? Not much, of course, but I can mention the release of The Godfather in 1972. 50 years ago !!!!!

This 3-hour film, which celebrated the return of Brando, revealed Al Pacino, James Caan and Robert Duvall. A monumental work that generated a mountain of cash and put Coppola at the centre of the Hollywood chessboard.
A time when queues didn't form to go and see superhero films. But then again, I love capes, tights and latex.

And apart from that, there's a huge book that came out on March 15th 1954. That's 68 years ago already, damn it !!!! This book was written by a young woman of 18, Françoise Quoirez, renamed Sagan after Proust, because her father didn't want them to be harassed if they were successful. And he got it right.

Rejected by Gallimard, there was no enthusiasm at Plon, and it was Julliard who took the risk of publishing it, convinced that they could turn her into the new Raymond Radiguet by playing on her precociousness. Hello Sadness was an immediate triumph, making Sagan a major writer at the age of 18.

If you don't have time to read it, you can always check out its film adaptation by Otto Preminger. I haven't seen it, so I wouldn't recommend it, but I wanted you to be aware of its existence.

Never forget that she is the Godmother of them all!

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