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Hello, I hope you're well and that your week was filled with bright sunshine, which your little heart enjoyed with delight.

We're now entering the start of a season that I promise you will be rich in emotions and luminous desires.
Apart from that, this time I'm going to break the self-imposed rules of this Newsletter that you love so much.

But I'm going to have to celebrate my darling Lolo's birthday that was yesterday. So I wish you a happy new year around the sun, full of little pumps and beautiful ankle boots to brighten up your life.
Otherwise I've just discovered that a man I didn't know existed was born on 5 March, Andrew Gibb.

He could have been a fourth Bee Gees, as he was one of the brothers of the famous trio, but he was much younger than his elders, who didn't want to wait for him to grow up to achieve success.

Well, since you're all such unique human beings, I've got another perfect song to lull you into a festive and cuddly weekend.

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