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Yes, I know, it's not my day any more. But...

...I'd like to extend this little promotional code until midnight on Sunday 21 March.

And why is that? Because those affected by the confinement deserve a break, and the others have to be given reasons to smile, hug and make love.

Apart from that, today is Ursula Andress's birthday and she's blowing out 85 candles.

Born in Switzerland, she cut her teeth in Cinecittà with Brigitte Bardot, then flew to the United States, to be with her boyfriend, James Dean.

There she made a television film with Ida Lupino, a great actress who moved on to directing because she got bored waiting on sets.

But her real breakthrough came when she became Sean Connery's first partner in a James Bond film.

She went on to work with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Alain Delon, Orson Welles, and even Bud Spencer and Aldo Maccione.

So that's a career I'd like to salute, hats off to you baby. And if that's not enough, let's indulge ourselves (a little) with some Nick Cave, to get us going:

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