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Frankly, we're not going to be put off by something that doesn't even measure the length of a French manicure.

So, in a bid to shed some light on our dark times, I wanted to tell you that you can continue to count on my total availability to make you shine and vibrate.

With this in mind, and because today is March the 23rd, I'd like to mention two important events that took place on this date, and which have left their mark on my personal history.

The first was Titanic's total victory at the Oscars, winning no fewer than 11. This was a great achievement for Cameron, who had blown the budget and whom everyone dreamed of seeing fail with a 3 hours film. It did, nonetheless, become the world's biggest hit before being replaced by another Cameron film. That was in 1998.

And on that same day in 1976, another miracle happened in France: the broadcasting of the 8 o'clock Games, created by Jacques Solness. Although he didn't win a Day time Emmy for his masterpiece, he too was called crazy, and many TV people waited for him to kick the bucket so they could dance over his corpse.

Instead, the programme was a huge success and was a favourite on FR3 until 1987.

Among the guests were Dick Rivers, Gérard Hernandez, Juliette Mills, Micheline Dax and above all Maître Capello, thanks to whom I sometimes send you newsletters with no spelling mistakes.

If you're reading this from up there, Master, I love you. And don't forget the music that goes with it:

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