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Let's keep things simple. Yesterday was St Patrick's Day. But Thursday is not our newsletter day.

Not wanting to upset your reading habits, I've moved the date from March 17th to March 18th, because inside this news is a surprise, a 9€ promotional code to celebrate Saint Patricia's Day. And God knows she deserves all your attention. The 9€ covers home delivery. Isn't it wonderful to receive Patricia at home, without having to get off your butt? Like you, I think it's truly sublime.

If you didn't want to use that money for a home delivery, then you could invest in a nice cold pint of beer and toast to the fine pair of Patou you've just bought yourself by singing the complete works of The Pogues and mosh about with your friends, thrilled to have beaten them at darts.
There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself with these nine euros, which you can also invest in a paperback book, a nail polish or a movie ticket ('early bird' because tickets have gone up).

You can also make donations or put money aside for your children who will be going to Harvard. I'll leave it up to you. I love you dearly and wish you an invigorating weekend.

I'll leave you with this little Irish note that I hollered so much about when it was time for all those bars to close:

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