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F*** this weather.

Yes. Of course, there's more serious matters than pouring rain that soaks you to your bones, messes up your hair and drenches your clothes. Is there? Really? Some would ask.

I can see you coming, waiting for me to retort, well, the new Desplechin. Of course, I won't give you the pleasure of agreeing, since I haven't seen it yet. But one thing's for sure. I like everything Léa Seydoux does. Most certainly because she has the most beautiful breasts of the 7th art, and of all those that precede it. And I like Arnaud, with whom I go jogging on Sunday mornings on the Ourcq canal to detox from the previous day's excesses.

So no, it doesn't have to be worse than this non-stop weepy day. Which is why this invigorating newsletter reminds you how important it is to massage your eyes with our sparkling creations, which restore morale and faith in humanity.

Alternatively, April 8th is International Roma Day. And it's Robin Wright's birthday.

And why talk about her? Well, because she starred in Santa Barbara, the soap opera that dominated TF1 for almost 10 years. When I came home from school, I'd throw myself in front of it. She really was the most beautiful of the cast. And not necessarily the one who played the best. Despite all this, she managed to get herself hired to play Princess Bride in the film by Rob Reiner, who, along with Richard Donner, made the most entertaining films of the '80s. And that's no mean feat.
She followed this up with Levinson's Toys, Cassavetes' She's So Lovely (the son, don't push it) and Shyamalan's best film, Unbreakable. She's also acted for Fincher and Snyder. And she put up with Sean Penn for a long time during a rather stormy marriage, if the tabloids are to be believed.... lol.

This is quite simply Tarantino's best film, along with Jackie Brown. Of course, he only wrote it, but Tony Scott directed it brilliantly, with a host of stars including Patricia Arquette, who gives an abrasive dimension to her character, who is madly in love with her boyfriend, Clarence Worley.
I urge you to see this film again. And thank the weather for allowing you to crawl under the covers and take in the sights.

We finish with a little treat that's not bad for your health:

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