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The Festival is over, and Vincent Lindon can go back to making his social films, playing the Jean Valjean of French cinema.

Cannes will return to its normal life, its retirees and their apricot poodles on the Croisette. We can only hope that next year's jury will reward films that will go down in cinema history, and not just boils on the sacred tables of the world's biggest festival.
As I impatiently await this future edition, because I'll be in it, I'm going to do my utmost, day after day, to make you wiggle your behinds in front of all my beauties with a debauchery of glitter, color and sparkle.

So today it's May 31st, the last day of one of the most beautiful months of the year, and it's fading into obscurity. As a fitting tribute, it's also Clint Eastwood's birthday, and his triptych, Unforgiven - A Perfect World and The Bridges Of Madison County, is not about to be superseded.

It's also the birthday of Don Ameche, an old Hollywood actor who worked with Lubitsch, but also with Ron Howard, with whom he found a superb role at the end of his career in Cocoon. And with John Landis in the wonderful Trading Places. Hurry up and see them again.
Because it's one of the group's best:

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