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It would seem that summer wants to stay a little longer, that it's tempted to make a comeback and encourage us to go out in t-shirts and have a drink or two or three.

Get us drunk and do crazy things afterwards. Like stopping a good-looking guy in the street and deciding to leave with him, spending the night and calling it a night, putting your family behind and never going back.

So here we are, summer you're back, you're giving us crazy cravings and making us do crazy things. I like you but I think I'd rather snuggle at home with a light cold than give in to my most primal urges. Kisses anyway.

On October 19th, 44 years ago, Star Wars was released and, for me, at that moment, it was a delicious film to discover. It was unprecedented for someone who hadn't seen 2001, which was much more revolutionary because it was experimental and had no wookie story. I was delighted to discover these films and their two sequels.

Unfortunately, both this film and Jaws disfigured American cinema. A cinema that was destined to flourish with the emergence of the New Hollywood, which promised so many good and exciting directors.

With the emergence of blockbuster films made by twenty-somethings, there were endless queues outside cinemas and, above all, the emergence of merchandising.
Cinema was no longer cinema, but something disgusting. Do you want a Leïa T-shirts, Han Solo pants, Darth Vader mugs? No ? Well, you're going to get them anyway. What started out as the hope of an inexhaustible mine of talent has turned into a breeding ground for clones heading for Netflix.

On that note, I'd like to give you all a big hug and wish you the most exciting evenings at a terrace, then in a new bed.

And as the President used to say:

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