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Hola, qué tal? Today is October 26th. So it's been 1 month since my birthday. Balls.

Otherwise, we're halfway through a season that has seen us bring you the best of what's on offer in the shoeworld.

From Boston to Bamako, no other brand has put so much colour, sparkle and Algerian-Colombian expertise into a single pair of shoes.

And if I can claim it loud and clear today, it's thanks to you, who send me letters full of tenderness and sensuality every day. Totally organic fuel that allows me to create new and totally original wonders, putting you on the road to success and acceptance of your extraordinary personality.

Other than that, today is the day a comet was born who left a lasting mark on French cinema, hinting at what her career could have been had she not left so prematurely. I'm talking about Pascale Ogier, daughter of Bulle.

A theater kid, she appeared in a Téchiné film, and then went on to work with Rohmer, Rivette, Richard and other important and renowned directors of the last century.

The amused muse of a bourgeois, fringe scene, she was Jim Jarmush's girlfriend and a figure in a cinema that has now disappeared in favour of superhero films and French comedies devoid of the slightest humour.

Gone on the eve of her birthday, she left a huge void and was mourned by many who saw in her the possibility, the embodiment of a new wave.

In the meantime, I'm going to take you in my arms and celebrate you with vigour and enthusiasm.

Here's a little something to sway your Mississippi River mermaid hips.

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