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Wherever you go, whatever you read, whatever you receive in your mailboxes, it will never have the same flavour as what we deliver to your mailboxes twice a week, feverish to know which wonderful shoes they will have the chance to admire in preview, before letting you discover them.

For while Patricia is indeed the Queen of Shoes, she is also now recognised as the princess of glitter by a jury of fashion-philosophers.

But obviously I've said too much, so I'll leave you to wet your eyes with indescribable joy. Apart from that, what happened on November 26th? Well, something rather unpleasant: the second stage of Tarantino's career. And there are 3 of them. The first stage was going swimmingly, even if he had happily ripped off a Hong Kong thriller to make Reservoir Dogs.

But then he followed up with Pulp Fiction, which was hyped up by all the media, and played at all the parties and bars, making me sick of the film even though it's very good.

Most importantly, however, comes the miracle that is Jackie Brown, a masterful and calming work that casts Samuel Jackson as one of the most disturbing criminals, de Niro as a credible actor who has finally emerged from his roles as a violent Italian-American, and the rediscovery of Pam Grier and Bridget Fonda as a hilarious weed smoker.

The soundtrack was perfect, and the dialogue wasn't over the top, it was low-profile, a film by a guy who didn't need to make a big deal of it for us to notice that we were watching a great film. And just when things were going well, he enters another era, that of the sarkozyan film, bling-bling, talkative, that pisses everyone off and looks like a shampoo advert. So it was on November 26th that Kill Bill came out. In my memory, it was the last film that made me walk out of a cinema because it was so unbearable.
After that, he began to make films that were verbose, demonstrative, flashy and disembodied. The only bright spot was that he managed to get Christoph Waltz out and make him an international star. But fortunately the 3rd era began with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. But it should also come to an end soon, because he has always said that he would only make ten films, and he only has one left to make. With that, I give you my love.

Here's something to bring nuclear sunshine into your life:

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