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With Horizon Forbidden West out on the 18th, and Elden Ring arriving this very day, I'm still finding the strength to write you this newsletter, which should make history and qualify for a Pléiade edition.

Make no mistake about it, in this post-pandemic period (we all hope so), gaming news is once again vigorous, with a host of masterpieces knocking at our consoles' door.

But I digress, let's get back to our Blanchett. Did you know that Blanquette was Mr Seguin's valiant little goat who fought all night to escape the terrible wolf who wanted to devour her?
I believe that there's no smoke without fire or chance in life, and that I have a very strong bond with this cute little goat whose tragic end I don't hope to share. Although I do have my own wolf at home, my beloved Lolo and his sharp teeth.

Apart from that, I invite you to come and taste my new treats, so tangy that they'll do your childlike soul, that've waiting to sparkle under the headlights of my creations, a world of good.

I'll leave you with something to run riot about:

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