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Yvonne, a charming door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman, discovers a haggard and frightened young woman in a remote castle.

Patricia is not a young woman like the others, because she had scissors for her right hand and pencils for her left.

She speaks normally, has been equipped with a heart to love and a brain to think, but her creator died and left her just before he could give her real hands.

Deeply moved by Patricia, Yvonne decided to take her with her to Boulogne Billancourt, offering her a home and a room to share with Françoise, one of her three children. The other two are boys, older than her.

There's Philippe, a tall guy, and above all Laurent, the youngest, with small hazel eyes that border on Nutella, very cute, and amazed by the new addition who soon took the place of his former sweetheart.

The curiosity and fascination she aroused in the small, quiet community of Boulogne grew as she began to use her hands to design shoes and cut out patterns, attracting the favour of all the girls in the area.

With the success of her creations and the public's fervour, Patricia soon attracted jealousy, but she was clever as a monkey, taunting everyone and triumphing like Scarlett Johansson at the end of The Matrix.

Tom Jones, my favourite:

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