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If I told you that December 3rd was the anniversary of my parents' wedding, what would you do? Would you get the tissues out?

Because well, we're talking about half a century of marriage. And putting up with the other for so long deserves a little tear, and a lot of admiration for so much self-sacrifice.
Now that you know, it's up to you to celebrate them, to thank them in your head for having given birth to someone as perfect, kind and talented at creating shoes as I am. You might also say to yourself that, yeah, Patricia Blanchet is like Charlotte Gainsbourg, it's from father to daughter (since my father was in the shoe business). But that's got nothing to do with it, because I created this sparkling, glittering brand that you so love to make me love. So, Mum, Dad, wherever you are, happy anniversary. What else happened on December 3rd that's worth talking about? Well, on that day, Rubber Soul, the Beatles' album, came out and reshuffled all the world's pop charts.

Rubber Soul was the album of change, the one that took them through to the other side of the mirror, allowing them to move away from mawkish songs about holding hands to deeper, thicker, more psychedelic lyrics. It was also a time when they experienced a media frenzy in the United States, and worldwide beatlemania.

They wanted to get away from that and come up with new lyrics, inspired by their encounters with Dylan, weed and even LSD. So it's an important, primordial record, which inspired an impressive number of musicians, like the Beach Boys, and me with my pipe organ.

Here's a track from the LP, In My Life, covered by Johnny Cash, who gives it a whole new dimension with his deep, nostalgia-fuelled voice. Thousands of smooches.

Behold the wonder:

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