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Patricia, you're often referred to as the Coen brother of shoes. Why is that? It's certainly due to the fact that I'm always trying to make people think and smile at the same time.

Were you expecting to be so successful? It's unprecedented, a phenomenal triumph. Seen from my office, it's still relatively local. There's certainly a bit of a buzz about it and that's good. It motivates me to always do better, to look for what would please, what I'd like to wear. You've been present on the web for nearly two years now, but with a tool that wasn't very effective. A site, let's say, that worked when it wanted to. What happened and why did you wait so long? We didn't have colossal resources. So we had to choose people according to our limited resources. Then I waited until I had a bit more money to call on the right people. It took time, you're right, but I hope that this time it will be perfectly executed and that this new site will offer an unforgettable experience to those who want to buy shoes from me.

How do you choose the colours that will define your collections? It's very much up to my mood. There's absolutely nothing planned and above all I don't rely at all on trends, on who does what, where and how. I do what I want when i want, without looking for anything other than the pleasure it will give the girls. You just have to put yourself in the girls' shoes. With a bit of heart, it's easy to do. Do you have any plans to open new stores? For the moment, I'm planning to manage the one I've got and help my new website get off the ground. Everything in its own time. I'm not in a mad expansionist logic. As long as I have enough money to buy myself food, a drink and a few trips, I'm fine with that. Having said that, maybe a new store will come along. In Paris, or somewhere else entirely. I don't see why not.
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