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So it wasn't just an impression, and we've just been given the scientific certainty that, according to the Large Hadron Collider, located between France and Switzerland, yes, time is passing faster and faster, and has even accelerated since the successive confinements.

We still haven't invented a process to reverse the trend.

At least that's what men believe, miserable little toilers who think they know and possess everything except the truth. And what is the truth made of?

Well, quite simply Patricia Blanchet shoes. And I promise you, you'll never see the hand of time spinning around the dial of your life in the same way again.

Give me a pair of Lloyds, a pair of Luckos, a pair of Grand-Place, a pair of Maudadams and you'll see a real change in this time that is running out inexorably, like those bottles of rosé that we always finish too quickly.

While we're on the subject, I'd like to ask you if you've noticed, as I have, that bottles of wine contain less and less liquid? Whereas it used to take me an hour to down a bottle with a friend, now it takes me barely a 1/4 hour. I say conspiracy.

So what else, eh? Well, it's Nancy Sinatra's 80th birthday today.

That's it, and by the way it's also Griffin Dune's. Who's Griffin Dune? Well, quite simply the screenwriter of one of the best American films of the 80s, After Hours, for which he won an award at Cannes.

After Hours is a waking nightmare, full of black humour and sparkling actors, a kind of pre-Good Time, the story of a guy who can't get home.

It's directed by Scorsese and comes just after King Of Comedy, his masterpiece, and Color of Money, a Disney commission, when the director had his nose buried in coke.

If you haven't seen it, run to BlockBuster and rent it, you'll thank me and make offerings to your gods in praise of my inimitable taste for the tasty.

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