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Tonight, while our guys and gals are watching bipolar millionaires chasing a ball, quenching their thirst with pints of stale beer served up by bar owners unscrupulous about accelerating their latent cirrhosis, we #teampatoune girls will be in full possession of our faculties.

All we have to do now is put on our best foot forward (i.e. our Patricias) and get out the door.

Naked? Why not, after all? My shoes have been designed and thought out as armour, feel-good shoes that allow you to be daring, especially when it comes to feeling like yourself. You can scour the internets, the testimonials are piling up: our shoes are better than acupuncture, yoga and meditation sessions combined.

So thank you UEFA for giving us some fresh air, and give us football every night so that we can get drunk with a barrel of spritz on our backs connected to straws in our mouths.

Well, apart from that, what has actually happened on June 15th apart from the fact that I got deflowered that day?

Studio Ghibli were founded on June 15th 1985. The studios were founded by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, two great directors responsible for Spirited Away and Grave of the Fireflies, two masterpieces of animation.

They'll be making films that will put this country on the map when it comes to animated films, even if we at Patricia's have known this since Goldorak and Candy. So thank you to these two masters and their collaborators for having amazed us every time.

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