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Well, that's it, we can say it, we can say it loud and clear, we're on the road to the sales. A time when you'll be able to splurge on one of the many models that have been winking at you all year long.

If you're hesitating between two models, the best thing to do is take three, because that way you lock in your two choices and you'll also be able to surprise yourself. Because when was the last time you really surprised yourself? When you agreed to jump on the first underground train to join a Tinder date? When you put everyone to bed after a fourth bottle of rosé all to yourself?

What I'm talking about is a real inner surprise, one that will revolutionise your chakras and put them back in working order so you can make the decisions you need to make. So surprise yourself by daring, because as Jean-Pierre Elkabbach used to hammer home in the nineties, Let's dare.

So what else are we celebrating today? Something very cool and scary at the same time.

Exactly 14 years ago, the first iPhone was launched, paving the way for smartphones that would turn us into connected beings and zombies, constantly engrossed in our screens. The need to be constantly up to date with the news, messages and latest videos has conditioned us to become slaves to this technology, which is harmful to the environment and our mental health.

So what can we do about this object of the devil? We can go running without a connected watch, make love without filming ourselves, have a few drinks, shoot some, go to the Cévennes, and refuse 5G and Linky boxes.

Alternatively, instead of buying the latest smartphone every time, you could invest in a pair of Patricia shoes, which will eat up your brain less than watching a TikTok video of a guy dropping a bucket of excrement on his head.

And to pamper your eardrums, here's something for you to swirl around in an ocean of aural bliss:

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