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Hello little June darling. I hope you're well and that the first few days of your coronation have gone smoothly and with empathy.

In case you don't know us, we're the little brand on the rise, the brand of die-hard shoe lovers who fashion their shoes like jewellery, with passion, excitement and exaltation. Patricia Blanchet is the star of the shoe world, and yet there's no mad desire to expand, no Monopoly madness to expand all over Paris, France and the world.
We're keeping a measured approach, because that's the way things should be. This would avoid over-production, over-mediatisation and over-consumption. In fact, if everyone did as we do, nature would be better off - we'd still be in the Jurassic era.
People would have velociraptors as pets, which they would bring to run on the beaches of Deauville. We'd travel to New York on the wings of a tame quetzalcoatlus. We'd take T-Rex rides in Camargue, drinking Sex on the Beach out of our enemies' skulls.

Bernard Arnault, if you ever read my newsletter, dismantle your empire and tell your mates to do the same so we can get back to simple, essential things, the Patricia Blanchets.

Apart from that, it may not have escaped your notice, but a great actor left us a short while ago: Ray Liotta, the immense Henry Hill in the sublime Goodfellas, the best film about the mafia, and Scorsese's best film altogether. The rest of his filmography will inevitably be less flamboyant, but he was always good. And so Ray, if you're reading this News, know that we love you very much.

No music video but the end of Goodfellas with My Way by the Sex Pistols sprinkled in:

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