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With the promise of opening the terraces in mid-May, I had to respond by bringing you the best the web has to offer. In other words, shoes that sparkle and make your whole body tingle. Something so close to an orgasm that it actually is one. And it won't be the last I send your feet.

I'll leave you to devour my small, non-exhaustive selection, but you should know that there's a much wider range on our site, which I invite you to go and discover right away, so that you can be sure of being cultured and feeling good about your shoes.

Apart from that? Well, eight years ago today, same-sex marriage was allowed. That seems like an eternity, as if it had always been the case. When in fact, it's only just happened, and we had to fight for a right that makes more than a little sense.

Also, 16 years ago, the first Youtube video went online, made by one of the three founders of the giant that was subsequently acquired by Google. This first foray into video on the web, however banal, was just as symbolic as the capture of the Kennedy assassination or the live broadcast from the moon.

What else? Is that all?

No, April 2nd also marks the birth of one of rock's greatest singers with a quiff, Roy Orbison, whose turbulent life was marked by personal tragedies, resurrections and magnificent songs that continue to be featured in marvelous audiovisual works.

This is certainly the most famous and successful of them all:

Well, have a good weekend.

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