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Today you have many reasons to be delighted with your existence.

Not only because you've subscribed to this newsletter, which is a pass to (lyrical) gaiety, but also because I'm told in the earpiece that you're a prodigious being and it's absolutely vital that you don't let this information out of your sight.
Because what did Aristotle say, apart from always eating pasta al dente with olive oil? "Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to look beyond imperfections".

So what does an ancient Greek philosopher have to do with a pair of shoes from the future? The quest for absolute serenity.

And that's exactly what I've decided to display before your very eyes to sweeten your evening, or your day, depending on when you open this missive.

Apart from that, what else do we have to eat today apart from this superb collection of shoes, each as beautiful as the next?

It just so happens that it's Dario Argento's birthday. To cut a long story short, Dario Argento is the man who put the brakes on my sleep when I was a kid with Phenomena, a horror film starring Jennifer Connely and Donald Pleasance.

The story of a young girl who communicates with bees and is stalked by a killer while staying at a boarding school. So Dario, if you're reading this newsletter, the manufacturers of tranquillisers can thank you, you darling little bastard.

With these kind words, I send you a veil of happiness that I hope will cover your entire existence.

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