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Today, March 4th, there's plenty to celebrate. And for 3 reasons. The first is, of course, this new display of wonders before your astonished eyes.

I do my best not to be too aggressive with glitters and metallics, but I've always made it my mission to serve you as you deserve. And I'm certainly not going to throw towel today. On the contrary, I'll be holding it up high.

Secondly, today is Saint Casimir's Day. And I wanted to add a touch of nostalgia to this Newsletter, because who is Casimir if not this friendly orange dinosaur who used to keep me company when I was little after my homework? So Casimir, if you're reading this, know that I love you.

Third reason today, March 4, is my Lolo's birthday, also known as Lol. For those of you who haven't kept up with my amazing adventures, recounted in a book to my glory (yeah, the ankles are fine) published by Seuil, Lolo is my fella.
My Lolo is celebrating his birthday today and I've got a party in store for him that he'll remember for a long time, because it's thanks to him and his Lolettes (hello Rachida, hello Julie) that the shop runs so smoothly. It's thanks to his Belgian, Turkish, Austro-Hungarian and Cameroonian jokes that every customer leaves the shop feeling that they've had an extraordinary experience.

Happy birthday, Lolo, and hurry back to la casa where Mamita Linda has prepared una sorpresa, mi cerdo favorito.

Apart from that, I wanted to give you my vital take on The Batman in case this option falls within your range of possibilities: It's a shame, it started off so well with that homage to Darius Khondji and Se7en throughout, then that sepulchral use of Something in The way. Then there's the break when Wayne goes to his servant's bedside.

I'm a fan of Andy Serkis' career, despite his phoney directorial work, but casting him as Alfred was a mistake. The guy doesn't have an ounce of the depth of his predecessors. Zoë Kravitz is very pretty, but her eyes have something of a Tefal frying pan about them.

Paul Dano (Zodiac vibe) was a riveting super villain but becomes ridiculous without his mask on during his psychopathic act behind the glass of the visiting room. The climax of this fall into grotesqueness comes at the end when Batman guides the Riddler's victims through the rubble like a cicerone through the darkness of Gotham. Everything else is superb, but two hours was enough.
I'll leave you with this, as it's good to be romantic:

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