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Just two weeks to go before summer and the hotplates that will be reddening our cheeks.

15 days, and we'll be into summer, the season that burns everything in its path and produces dead leaves.

So, to avoid sinking into a depression that could bury you entirely, I've decided to play the fantasy card by inking you in colours and glitter that are good for your little girl soul, which sometimes goes too far on excursions, leaving you alone and defenceless.

So here are your defences, and they look like feminine sandals, divine pumps or ankle boots that are better than a good dicking.
I'm telling you, my dear sisters, it's time to get your spirits up and make these last days of spring the best work of your life. It's precisely at this turning point that I want to see you take flight.

There's not much to sink your gipsy golden tooth into this June 7, but I've still managed to find you something to marvel at, because you see, June 7 is Thierry Hazard's birthday, born in 1962. So Thierry Hazard is our national Jerry Lee Lewis, a musical powerhouse. In fact, he's a nuclear power plant.

He debuted in 1990 with his interstellar hit, Le Jerk, which saw him reach the zenith of stardom thanks to stratospheric sales that made him the equal of the Jacksons and the Beatles combined. Quite simply, we've never seen anything like it since. Funfact, Thierry Hazard was born on the same day as Prince. A small, uninteresting musician from Minneapolis.
Because there's nothing like that title and a bit of poppers:

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