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You have waited. You have waited for our stocks to fall dangerously, because you like to live dangerously but also in certainty.

The one that will guide you towards the pair that's just right for you, that you've been looking at closely, eye-to-eye, through our newsletters, at the risk of it passing you by.
But you stood your ground because you said that you were made for each other and that if no one else had chosen her, then she was the one. So now it's time to take action and treat yourself, because you're your best ally.

And you know what else? No ? On January 21st, 101 years ago, Charlie Chaplin's first feature film, The Kid, was released. The Kid is a bit like the ancestor of The Bicycle Thief, The Little Vagabond, Paper Moon and The 400 Blows.

I'm quoting it all here in no particular order, because it's the model for all the best films in cinema. And to top it all off, it's available in its entirety on Youtube in a tasteful Criterion version. Just like you.

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