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We didn't see it coming, but here we are, January has come and gone, and with it the pounds of frangipane that have given me wonderful little love handles so pleasant to hold as an anti-stress gadget.

The month that once seemed the longest has passed as quickly as a 5-hour film on the making of Epoisse (cheese). Which leads me to think, and to tell you, my dear sisters, that time flies. Much too fast. And that to try and slow it down, you need to be properly shod. You have to know how to enjoy yourself the way you deserve.
I'd tell you about the price of tobacco going up in February, but I quit smoking 10 years ago. Or the price of tolls, which will also rise significantly, but I don't own a car. So I'll just write about what I know best, which is my shoes, and there's no price increase there.

Even better, we're still on sale. So you can juggle new and last season's collections at attractive prices, just like me.

On another note, in terms of symbols, February is the shortest and second shortest month of the year, and owes its name and position in today's calendar to King Numa of ancient Rome, who dedicated it to Neptune, god of water, particularly the sea, because in those days rainfall was very abundant. Now that you know that, you can become president of the world.

The kind of thing that makes you want to buy docs, drink pints and play darts:

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