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Can you feel the grape harvest just around the corner?

That blessed time when we will harvest the precious fruit that will give us, a few months, or years, later, that delicious beverage that we love so much to drink, with a cigarette in our hand, or while taking part in the Médoc Marathon?
The year is off to a flying start, promising voluptuous paths strewn with happiness.
What better way to tread on them than with a pair of Patricia's, a pair who will understand you, who will love you without knowing you, and who will be committed to accompanying you in your professions of faith.

So don't get your spleen in a knot, and take your time wandering from pair to pair until you find the one that suits you best.

Today is Arnold Palmer's birthday. Who's Arnold Palmer? An American golfer.

I'm not a golf fan, preferring a good game of pool with lots of ciggies and beers.

But Arnold Palmer gave his name to a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail that's a mix of iced tea and lemonade and reminds me of my cousin. And I thought it was important to point that out in this landmark newsletter, which will be buried, appropriately, in the Pantheon. Kisses on your neck.
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