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The newsletter of the future is already here, and it's written exclusively for you.

October 4 is an important date for me, and I can't tell you exactly why, but I like it. Go figure. Maybe because it's Sara Forestier's birthday and I'd like to give her a hug to tell her that I love her and miss her so much. But that's not all: October 4 is also this date which announces an autumn in gentle slope, promising crazy parties and why not Indian summers.
But these days, the return of the late summer is not exactly getting the best press, and is becoming yet another suspect for our decadent lifestyles. I also like it because it's a time when things are heating up and I can cover you in my new creations. This season, we have to admit that we're feeling the jolts of Covid, which has not finished sticking sticks in our coach wheels. But you know me, there's no question of me giving up. On the contrary, it's forcing me to fight to deliver ever more beautiful things that will make you even more beautiful.

Even so, and let's be clear, I consider all my customers to be adorable human beings whose paths I have the honour and privilege to cross. That's what I tell myself every day! And what did you think? I don't just sell boots, I lick them too. Enough joking, because yes it's a joke just for this newsletter which, I hope, will melt your yolk (rhyme validated by the pope of the 90's MC Solex).

Until life reunites us, I send you my warmest love.
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