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You hesitated for a long time. You waited and said to yourself: - No, I'm not going to spend any money. Another pair of Patricias? What's the point? I've already got forty. In gold alone!

Did you think that the pair that was making eyes at you would be taken by someone other than you? That no one could resist the sales at Patricia's? And you're right. But only partly.
Never underestimate the will power of a pair of Patricia shoes. You should know, even if it will make the anti-spirits cringe, that the Patricias have a titanium soul and that they choose who will wear them before they are even conceived.
It was out of the question for me to embark on such an entrepreneurial adventure without my beauties having that little something extra that makes them so sympathetic and endearing. So here you are, faced with the obvious.

The ones you wanted to let go are still there and they're looking at you with their round, questioning eyes, filled with tenderness for their future lover, their life companion, their BFF.

So stop missing out on the simple things and accept the obvious. Put on the most exciting footwear on the planet.

I'll leave you with a bit of heavy metal that's not unpleasant, and even very exciting:

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