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Although the sales haven't said their last word, and some of you are still waiting with bated breath, lurking in the shadows of your fantasies, here comes the tip of the new collection.

And frankly, given the weather we're experiencing today ( January 25th), it was only natural that I should brighten up your life and your feet with some metallic, glittery goodness. Strange paradox, isn't it?

The best news of all is that we've finally decided to make you some glitter Forty-fours. They've been long overdue.

Another thing, we're doing turquoise glitter. And that's unheard of.

Well, I might as well get it out of the way, because everyone's asking me, yes, I saw Licorice Pizza. So what did I think? Well, Paul Thomas Anderson's downward spiral has been relentless since There Will Be Blood.

Admittedly, it was difficult to do better, and he had done almost as well with The Master, but then things started to slip.

Inherent Vice was as bad as they come. This is a different story, a more or less clear cat-and-mouse game that lasts more than two hours in an America on the verge of an oil crisis. Sure, the soundtrack is good, but it's not crazy either, the guy didn't go digging for the bottom of the barrel. Then again, it's cute that he's got the son of his former favourite actor, Tom Waits, Sean Penn.

But his best catch is Leonardo di Caprio's father. His appearance is brief, but you can't help noticing his fingers swollen with arthritis and his Al Pacino-on-crack look. He's a delight.

Is this film worth seeing? Yes, of course, because Paul Thomas Anderson is the latest phenomenon of his kind. But it's about time he took his personality in hand instead of trying to reinvent himself as the neo-Altman he lacks in chaotic talent. But you can only find what you're looking for.

It was in the film and I love Sonny and Cher and I hope you do too:

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