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According to Claude Lelouch, love is the most beautiful invention in life. Other people say, better people, that it's Patricia Blanchet's shoes.

I'm sure you'll understand that I'd agree with the latter, who are first in my heart.

To add fuel to their fire, color to your cheeks and light to your eyes, here are our new creations, full of ambition and colorful love.

Aside from this upbeat news, and the weekend ahead with its promise of exhilaration, exhibitions to visit, films to discover, books to read and kilometers to run, there's plenty of reason to celebrate one hell of a musician, a showman without equal, funny and sexy in his Addams Family way.

It's Vincent Furnier, better known as Alice Cooper, whose birthday is today - 74.

This guy is a legend who has played every style in which the electric guitar has something to say: hard rock - new wave - heavy metal and the list goes on, but this is a newsletter about shoes.

He starred in one John Carpenter film, Prince of Darkness, which is the equivalent of 30 Oscars, and he's also the guy thanks to whom the Hollywood sign is still standing on the hills of Los Angeles, since he financed its refurbishment in 1978.

Alternatively, 18 years ago today, Facebook was officially created. The Tinder of old people.

So you can enjoy your Negroni in peace:

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