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Let's talk little, let's talk well, let's say nothing. This maxim could be mine, because a picture is worth, according to someone, 1000 words.

But I've decided that each time I send out a newsletter, I'm going to do my quota of words, by offering you Bigger than Life emails, as Duff McKagan used to say.

I could simply flash my wonders in front of your eyes and run off to sip a tequila sunrise laced with grenadine and demon juice. But I want to look you in the eye when I write and deliver words and information that will lick your soul, suck out your neurons and lubricate them all the better. When I write my letters, and before I send them, I pray to God that you'll open them with the same twinge in your heart that comes from having your breasts squeezed.

So before it leaves my desk, my newsletter is always well thought out, prepared, polished, so that you have the most majestic thing before your eyes. Because once you've read what you're reading, it's a safe bet that you'll experience a brief foray into a parallel world that you might enjoy if you're willing to let yourself disappear into it.

But before that, let's get back to business and celebrate July 6th, the day in 1957 when John Lennon and Paul McCartney met, a day that would lead to the creation of the Beatles and the great records that would follow, but also to the break-up of the group and John's assassination.

So in the end, it's fair to ask whether it was necessary for them to meet. Who would have taken their place? Would the Stones have been as good without such competition?

Would Pink Floyd, the Clash and the Sex Pistols have seen the light of day without the Fab Four? And who would Bob Dylan have influenced on their lyrics if he hadn't met them?

I'll leave the answers to you. Copies will be collected in 1 week. Many hugs and thanks for your insights.

Go on, push your table or get on top of it, along with the sound, and off you go, my kiki:

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