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This is it. All good things must come to an end, and this season comes to an end today, July 24th.

Our shop may be closed until August 24th, but our website is still open. So you can buy the pair you've been dreaming of, knowing that shipments will resume on August 24th.

So there will be some delays, be warned. The same will apply to all your questions and messages. They won't be dealt with during this period, but don't worry, everything will be done with seriousness, passion and devotion as soon as we return.

In the meantime, my dear sisters, I hope you have a wonderful summer, free from global warming, close to your loved ones, at a safe distance from those who pollute you, wiggling your tushies to a contemporary lambada while drinking glassfuls of mojitos

I'd just like to remind you that if you want to laugh, cry heartily and experience emotions you didn't even know existed, the CNRS, the WHO and the FBI all warmly recommend that you buy Patricia, my crazy autobiography that would make Luis Buñuel's sound like Paulo Coelho.

It's published by Seuil and is worth the price of a Coke at Le Café Flore. But above all, it's better for your health and you won't run the risk of bumping into unsavoury people. Even if I have met a few strange guys. Pleonasm? I don't think so. Because I've met some good ones, starting with my Lolo.

Kisses between your toes. You can find the book in the best bookshops around the world, and if not, here's one link among many!
My other motto:

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