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Obviously, I didn't wait for the creation of the universe to start thinking about my designs.

On the other hand, the universe thought about the creation of clubs and dancefloors when it realised that, in my corner, I was creating my first collection of supershoes.

Because, my dear sisters, if there's one thing on this earth that brings you unparalleled joy, it's a pair of Patricia Blanchets. It's like having rockets on your feet. Rockets that propel you onto the crests of comet tails.

Don't open any other newsletters with their mirages of text and images, concentrate on us to caress the retina of your precious eyes and the fur of your racy soul.

So, apart from kicks, shoes and Patricia Blanchet, what else happened on July 9th?

Well, in 1955, the song Rock Around The Clock became the first rock and roll track to reach number one on the Billboard charts, opening the door for a whole host of musicians to unleash the infernos of electric guitar riffs. Originally written in 1952 by Max C. Freedman and Jimmy De Knight, it really became a phenomenon 3 years later, recorded by Bill Halley & His Comets.

At first it went unnoticed, as it was recorded on the B-side of the single, but it received unexpected exposure when the technical advisor for Blackboard Jungle, a film about the difficult relationship between an English teacher and his students at a vocational high school, came on board. It was the film's opening track, starring Glenn Ford, that attracted the most attention, propelling its title track to the top of the charts.

Since then, the title has appeared in a variety of audiovisual works, of which American Graffiti and the first episodes of Happy Days stand out. And there you have it. On that note, I wish you a weekend as perfect as my shoes.

Nothing to do with it, but I was in the mood for a little 80s throwback:

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