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Patricia thinks of you all the time, and that's a good thing.

Of course, I could talk about Maïa's 13th birthday today and how proud we are of her, but let's stay focused on what's important to us: ourselves. Ourselves and our feet, because who else keeps their promises to put divine shoes on you apart from me? Who else doesn't cover you up with nonsense and fake news in their insipid, tasteless newsletters? Of course it's me. And you want to know why? Because I respect you. You are not data. You are offerings, or more precisely gifts.

A multitude of muses that allow me to draw inspiration from the depths of my guts to invent for you the most beautiful, the most valiant models of shoes ever made. Because if you're fidgeting as you scroll through this newsletter, it's because there's something very special going on between you and these divine shoes that are knocking at the door of your soul to repair it.

Apart from that, it's also the birthday of one of the best actresses in the world that I wanted to celebrate today, the splendid Beverly d'Angelo. This radiant artist with a long career now has had the privilege of taking part in an 80s family comedy that I adore: National Lampoon's Vacation, directed by Harold Ramis, father of Groundhog Day. But above all, she played one of the leading roles in the adaptation of the Broadway hit Hair, brought to the screen in 1979 by Milos Forman. And for that alone she deserves a model to her name. A model that will reflect all the eternal admiration I have for her for having amazed me for so many years. I've worn out the VHS tape of this film like you wear out the soles of your favourite shoes because you can't live without them. So happy birthday to you Beverly, happy birthday to you Maïa and to all those born on November 15th. Hallelujah.

A song for all the mums in the world, and a reminder that the king of rap is none other than LL COOL J:

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