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Take part in the greatest story ever told.

Instead of scouring the networks looking for the next recipe you'll make for those who owe you everything and do nothing, why don't you take some time for yourself and look for that crazy thing that will make you forget everything? Because let's be clear, I think that like me, you agree that it's high time to turn tail and get the hell out. A Despentian exit that I make my own and reinvigorate with a well-felt swift kick. And if you want to turn on your heels with dignity, you need the right pair, the ones that will give you the panache to get the hell out and think only of yourself.

Because yes, selfishness, when it comes to looking after oneself, is the most important thing in the world. Because how can we think about others if we don't even know how to think about ourselves? It's impossible. So I ask you, be selfish, be well, the rest will wait. But it will wait especially if you wear the right jewels on your feet.

Today, as on Tuesday, don't hold it against me too much, I'm going to celebrate the birthday of someone I like. Even if I'm tempted to put the verb in the imperfect tense because the bugger hasn't done anything acceptable for too long. Owen Wilson turns 54 today. The man who now looks like an improved version of Donald Trump is only ever given second-rate roles or fails in low-budget productions. It's a shame, but it's hard to blame him or feel sorry for him, given that he enjoyed a golden period that saw him star in Rushmore, Meet The Parents, The Life Aquatic, Wedding Crashers and The Darjeeling Limited. I could have gone on and on, but I wanted this list to be non-exhaustive so as not to tire your brains out and let you keep them thinking only of yourself. So enjoy.

It's quite nice to open up this link a bit strong and start headbanging:

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