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Patricia sends you her warmest embrace.

Patricia Blanchet

On Saturday evening I was treated to some nasty comments about my newsletter, even though it had never been read by the person who said the worst about it, on the pretext that it was published twice a week and that she had better things to do than read my prose. I wonder what things, but it doesn't matter, you have to know how to swallow criticism, even if it means drinking a bottle of destop to dilute the affront. An affront that wasn't really an affront, since it was exorcised the very next day thanks to a kickboxing session against an armada of female fighters who had come to test themselves against my practice of this unique martial art.
Patricia Blanchet

It's thanks to this activity, which is rich in social fibre, that I've become a highly balanced person who people like to socialise with. I receive so many invitations to conferences, gallery openings and swingers' evenings that I can't respond to all these solicitations because my time has to be used for one thing and one thing only: the never-ending creation of the perfect model. But would I really be ready to take on such a creation and become the Jean-Baptiste Grenouille of the shoe? Nothing is less certain, my dear sisters. In the meantime, here are some of the most beautiful shoes ever created on this planet, before your astonished eyes, while we wait for the next one.
Patricia Blanchet

Patricia Blanchet

Well, apart from that, it's November 22nd and in 32 days it'll be New Year's Eve. It's your chance to shine in the midst of the sisters-in-law, the dull, tasteless mothers-in-law, in front of whom you'll be able to put on your finest finery: your Patricia Blanchet. And if you don't have any, perhaps your husband, your friend or your cousin could make an effort and treat you to one of the most beautiful gifts ever conceived. But before we celebrate the turkey and the people in your exquisite family, I'd like you to spare a thought for Jamie Lee Curtis, aka the body, who is entering a new year today. She is the daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, the unforgettable star of Psycho, who was murdered in the shower. After making her name in a TV series, Jamie Lee was offered the lead role in a low-budget film about a knife-wielding killer who terrorises a small town. John Carpenter's brilliant idea paid homage to Hitchcock while revealing a great actress who was lost for a time in horror films before returning in the best action and spy film of all time, True Lies. A fine career punctuated by successes and true cinematic pleasures of the kind Hollywood no longer produces enough of.
Patricia Blanchet

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