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Well, it's just one more bit of chaos to add to the general mess, with France at two different speeds, the one that has been vaccinated and the other that is dragging its feet as if it were going to be euthanised.

So yes, there are undeniable side effects. Since my second injection, I've doubled my consumption of White Russian, weed, sport and video games. We're not all equal when it comes to vaccines, but if it did that to me, I imagine it could also have a whole host of desirable effects on your goddess-like bodies.

And there's something else that's rather pleasing, but which has yet to be confirmed by the Prime Minister: it would appear that women who have not been vaccinated, but who will be wearing Patricias on their feet, will be able to go wherever they please. Of course, Don Castex will have to give his opinion first, but it would appear that things are on the right track.

So what happened on July 16th?

Well, lots of nice, sweet things. In 1965, for example, the Mont Blanc Tunnel was inaugurated.

This meant that we Frenchies could enjoy linguine alle vongole and Vespa rides through the streets of Rome more quickly. But that's not the point I want to make today, because July 16th is also the birthday of Phoebe Cates, who appeared in my favourite film when I was a pequeña.

Joe Dante was one of those ingenious directors who could do anything in the 80s. Gremlins was probably his masterpiece, in which Phoebe played the lead.

After that? Well, she played in the sequel, which I didn't really like, and then she married Kevin Kline. Today she runs a gift shop on Madison in NY.

Which makes it all the more likely that I'll get to play in the reboot of the Gremlins, my sisters in heat. I love you, and may the god of pleasure watch over your desires.

If you know better than the Spinners, it's because you're thinking of voting for Xavier Bertrand:

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