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What a joy it is to be able to prove to you once again that I love you the way you only love once in your life, with passion and determination.

This weekend, with the scent of maple and hardwood, we urgently need you to discover our most beautiful, glittery and colourful creations, our craziest, most spirited creations.

This weekend is the one when you'll inevitably have to reveal yourself to yourself, but also to those closest to you, and to your most familiar family.

In short, you need something to dazzle your world, and there's nothing better than a pair of Patricia's to turn you into the star you've always dreamed of being.

So, on May 14th, 4 years ago, our beloved President of the French Republic, Mr Macron, was sworn in. It's already been 4 years, and since then we've won a World Cup, made budget cuts, reformed everything? No ? Well, you're still going to get some.

Yellow jackets, strikes, marches, in short, France is on the move, and when you're on the move you need shoes, and if they can be beautiful, so much the better. But if not? Well, if not, it's George Lucas's birthday, and it's also Robert Zemeckis's, father of Back to the Future, and we love him, thank him and have a great weekend.
And a little music that'll do you good:

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