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November comes to an end tonight. That leaves you 31 days to turn 2021 into a year that doesn't suck too much.

You need to give a wave of your magic wand on this year, but also yourself, so that you can end the year in style and so that you can transform and transcend yourself.

That's why I've developed superheroine shoes that give the most religious of you powers that will make your life even better. Help yourself, and the Patricias will help you.

What else happened on November 30th? Well, The Wall came out, but I'm not going to talk about it because Pink Floyd don't really do anything for me. Or maybe I'm just really busy.

But something happened on November 28th at Studio 28, the legendary Montmartre cinema. They screened L'Age d'Or, Luis Bunuel's 2nd film.

A time when a film unleashed passions and led to violence by the far right, who invaded the cinema a few days later, shouting death to the Jews (since the woman who donated/produced the film was one), throwing ink on the screen, chasing spectators away with canes, and disturbing the works by Dali, Ernst and Miró displayed in the cinema lobby. After years of unauthorised screenings, Gaumont finally had the ban lifted in 1981.

If you don't want to see the film, which I haven't revealed anything about, you can always try to find Bunuel's autobiography, written in collaboration with his friend Jean-Claude Carrière. Almost as fascinating as my life.

Well, it's nice to have a bit of that in your ears:

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