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Hello my little water daisies. I hope you're well and that the end of November is treating you well.

Christmas will soon be upon us, with all its presents, yule logs in our mouths and endless meals during which we'll have to pretend we love each other. As if we didn't have enough of that all year round.

Obviously I'm joking because it's summer and we all love each other for real. I'm sorry for those of you who thought I was for real, but given the miserable weather we're having over our heads and in our underwear, I immediately thought of sugar daddy christmas.

But the good news is that, given the weather conditions, you can treat yourself to some beautiful boots that you can wear right now. It's only a short step from thinking that I have an influence on the goddess of the winds, or that I might be one myself, and I invite you to take it in Patricia Blanchet.

Well, apart from that, June 25th is a symbolic date that makes me squirm in my little pink linen trousers. In 1678, Elena Cornaro Piscopia became the first woman to obtain a university degree, a doctorate in philosophy.

Today, more girls than boys take the A-levels, and more girls than boys are students (55%). However, it's only after that that things start to go wrong, as the vast majority of positions of responsibility in the private and public sectors go to men. Progress is being made, and people are making sure it happens.

But others also look after their own backsides and are conservative, ensuring that women never reach the same positions or the same salaries. 30 months after their Master's degree, women have a net monthly salary that is 13% lower than that of men.

It's idiotic, illogical and shocking that in a country like ours, and indeed in the world, such inequalities should persist.

And let's be clear, girls, we want to earn equal pay to buy ourselves equalizers and Patricias.

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