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Today, May 6th, is first and foremost an important date, because it's the day you receive the newsletter which, little by little, is changing your life.

You're all familiar with the benefits, so there's no need to harp on them.

However, I wanted to tell you about the sympathetic but not isolated case of Daphné (the first name has been changed for the sake of anonymity, her real name is Amina), who told me in an e-mail of over 5,000 characters how her Patricia Blanchet shoes had replaced first her boyfriend. Then her children, her whole family, her friends.

She told me in a very moving story, which I'm sorry I can't share with you, just how much she needed, at the age of 40, to let go of the trivial and concentrate on the main thing: herself. Because, of course, how can you be available and listen to others if you can't hear yourself? That's what Daphné decided to do, focus on herself.

Unable to go around the world because of Covid, she went around herself to realize that what pleased her more than anything else was her Patricias. Obviously, but very modestly, I couldn't help but be touched by her revelations.

Because even though I was dealing with an extreme relationship between a human being and my creations, I was above all in the presence of the realization of my wildest dreams. It was always clear to me that my shoes could be a refuge for you. But also a finality.

Today is Saint Prudence's day, so I'm sure you'll agree that it was worth throwing in this Beatles song, written by Lennon and appearing on the White Album. Prudence Farrow is the sister of Mia Farrow, whom Lennon and Harrisson met in India while meditating.

She meditated so hard that she didn't leave her room, wanting to reach God faster than anyone else. It made you wonder if she wasn't barricaded with a pair of Patricia Blanchet!

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