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Just yesterday, when Netflix approached me to write a one-woman show, I had to say no. No, because obviously flattered by such an offer, I went to take a closer look at who I'd be associated with.

And frankly, most of them don't really appeal to me.
That's to be expected from a chick who makes shoes, you may say. Well, maybe it is. But I need to feel good about myself so that I can take it easy, telling myself that the artists I want to be seen with are the right ones. Namely Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin.

Okay, most of them have passed away, but as we all know, the best go first. Always. And especially from parties.

Haven't you noticed that after one o'clock in the morning, all that's left are the thirsty, the toxic, the hand-me downs, the scrubs?

For a long time I pushed. For a long time, I've been drinking. But waiting for what exactly? A solution? In truth, it only got me into trouble. Now it's sorted, I get home a little before 11pm and go to bed in front of the news channel BFM, super anxious in front of a TV that rehashes the worst of humanity. In short, everything's fine. But Netflix, please, give me some more time before I act. I've still got shoes to imagine!

So what happened on May 13th? Well, not much, especially since today is Friday the 13th. We're about to be torpedoed by La Française des Jeux (lottery). But if there was the birth of Herbert Ross, who directed Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam (pretty damn good), there was also a little-known but very endearing comedy: Max Dugan Returns, starring Jason Robards and Matthew Broderick. You've got to see it.

And then, and then there's also the birthday of music legend Stevie Wonder, the guy with 100 million albums sold whose career came to an end in 1984 with I Just Called... but before that a countless number of slamming masterpieces of which here's my favorite. Adios muchachas:

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